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Earning Fortnite V-Bucks has never been easier!

Earning Free V-Bucks is so simple that anyone can do it, EarnVBuck Is a one of a kind website which allows people to claim V-bucks by completing simple tasks. We can guarantee that we are the highest paying website and before you know it you will have thousands of FREE V-bucks.

Offer Walls

Earn V-Bucks by completing short offers using the offer walls provided, these offer walls show a wide range of offers ranging from app downloads, entering your details into a prize draw, or even answering quizzes about certain games. There is no shortage when it comes to these types of offers, feel free to complete as many as you like and start earning tons of V-Bucks today.

Watching Videos

If you don’t want to spend your time completing offers, you can just sit back and earn free Fortnite V-Bucks by watching videos instead. This is a simple way to earn while not putting to much effort in, the reward may be slightly less but it’s the lazy option and requires little to no effort.

Referring Friends

Referrals is another way you can earn BIG bucks, if you can get someone to sign up using your referral code you can receive 5% of all their earnings for a lifetime. This can then be cashed out straight to your PayPal account or sent to you as Vbucks.

Mobile Offers

Why not earn while you’re on the go? Our website is mobile friendly so you can earn your vbucks while your not at home, in fact we recommend you visit our offer walls from your mobile device as some offers are made for mobile only!

Withdraw your V-Bucks instantly

EarnVBuck was created with you in mind, we know that waiting for your withdrawal to process can be quite long and tedious. Therefore we have made our withdrawl process instant for those who play on console.

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100% Mobile Optimized

We have designed our system to work flawlessly with mobile devices, this means you can earn a ton of V Bucks while on the go. In fact, we encourage users to come back on their mobile as we have some mobile only offers.

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It really is as easy as 1, 2, 3

Follow these simple steps below to find out how to get free v bucks.


Head over to our sign-up page and sign up using a valid email address, username, and password. You must then activate your account by clicking the link we send out to your email address. Once activated you can sign in to your account and start exploring our dashboard.


Once signed in visit the Earn V-bucks page, this is the page where you can start earning straight away. Simply click on one of the offerwall buttons to start completing offers. Once you have fully completed an offer you will see the V-bucks added into your account instantly.


Once you have completed a certain amount of offers and hit the minimum pay-out threshold you can cash-out your hard earned vbucks. Visit the Claim V-bucks page and fill out all the required information then hit redeem.

Get the skins you’ve always wanted!

Have you always wanted that certain skin on Fortnite but couldn’t afford it? Or you simply don’t have a credit / debit card to make your purchase? Well want no more as EarnVBuck Is here, complete a few simple offers from our offer walls and have thousands of Fortnite free V Bucks in no time. Once you are ready to cash out and buy your skins it’s so easy and we don’t require any card details. We send you a code and you simply redeem it for in game V Bucks! What are you waiting for, start earning today and surprise your friends with all your new in game skins.

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We offer much more!

We know that most of you people are going to be here to earn V Bucks, however, we offer much more than that! We allow people to cash out their hard-earned V Bucks into real life currency, meaning you can buy whatever you like! At the moment we are only sending out the payments through PayPal but stay tuned as we will be releasing more payment methods soon! Keep updated by joining our discord channel where you will hear all the latest news first.

Watch out for the fakes

There are websites out there which promise that they can generate thousands of V Bucks from thin air, we are afraid to say all the websites that promise this offer are fake and will never work. You should avoid these types of websites at all costs since they will often ask for your personal account details, this can then lead to your account becoming hacked. It Is possible to earn V Bucks online but there will always be a certain level of commitment needed.

Thankfully EarnVBucks have created a working method which allows you to get free V Bucks on Fortnite which is simple and fast, we do not require your personal account details and promise your account will always remain safe.

Working with every platform

When using the services at EarnVBuck you have absolutely nothing to worry about, we have created our website in such a way that is does not break any of Fornites terms and conditions. Everything you see here is completely legal and will never compromise your or put your personal Fortnite account at risk! We take security seriously and will never leak any of your personal account information.

Here at EarnVBuck we will never ask for any of your personal account details such as your password. When it comes to sending the V-Bucks, all we require Is an email address and what county you are from.

The safest service about!

No mater what platform you are playing on you can always use our site to get free V-Bucks, EarnVBuck supports Xbox, Playstation, PC, Nintendo Switch and Mobile phones. Just remember to let us know what platform you want to cash out to when redeeming your V-Bucks. When it comes to redeeming on PC and mobile devices things are a little different as we will send the money straight to your PayPal account. You can read our FAQ for more information or simply shoot us over an email by visiting out contact page.

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Other ways to earn V-Buck

Using our website is not the only way you can get free v-bucks. It should defiantly be the first choice as it’s the best way to earn, however there are a few other ways which will help boost your v buck balance, we can’t promise it’ll be much but it’s better than nothing.

Daily Logins

This is pretty much the easiest way to earn v bucks, it’s the slowest method but it’s easy if you’re not after much. Logging into the game every day will give you a little amount of currency. The bonus resets so make sure you don’t miss a single day! In order to claim this reward you must have Fortnite: Save the World


Every week you will be given access to new weekly challenges. Challenges vary from visiting certain places across the map or even throwing grenades at people. Completing these challenges will give you battle stars which will help level up your battle pass. As your pass ranks up you will be given v bucks as a reward.


While the two methods above will give you a few V-bucks, it will probably take you weeks if not months to save up for a skin, however, using by using EarnVBuck you can earn enough V Bucks in a single day to buy legendry skin!


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